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5 Secrets to Shopping the Chicago Fashion Scene

If you live in Chicago or are coming to visit, you might be interested in some shopping tips! When it comes to Chicago fashion shopping, there are many options. Here are a few tips to make the most of your Chicago shopping trip: 1) Shop Local: Whether you are a department store fan or a devoted boutique shopper, Chicago is practically unbeatable. Head to Michigan Avenue … [Read More...]

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Top Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Chicago is a city that is known for its cold and snowy winters, but freezing winter days will soon be over and spring will arrive, bringing with it new spring … [Read More...]

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Why You Should Start A Vintage Clothing Collection

Are you considering starting a vintage collection? Do you want to collect some vintage pieces that you can mix into your current wardrobe? Shopping vintage fashion … [Read More...]

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hijab fashion trends

Hijab Fashion Trends

The women’s hijab if often worn as a fashion statement with designers introducing new glamorous styles. While the islamic hijab is an integral part of the religion and culture to preserve modesty, it can also present a way to reflect on the newest trends, and … [Read More...]

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Top Hair Trends For Spring 2013

Every year, scores of women turn their attention to the runway to see what the latest fashion trends will be, not only with the clothes, but also with the hair style. There was quite a variety for the 2013 spring collections full of effortless buns and … [Read More...]


5 Clothing Ideas For A Hippie And Bohemian Look

The hippie and bohemian styles of clothing are inspired by the need to be an individual and explore the world around them.  Bohemians and hippies also sometimes challenge mainstream societal beliefs and this is expressed in their writings, music and especially … [Read More...]